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    • The Predator

      ‘The Predator’

      Shane Black’s reboot of a franchise he once acted in is loud, energetic, and near-senseless.

    • ASF_D17_PI_04344.ARW

      ‘A Simple Favor’

      Paul Feig’s suburban noir turns mommy blogger Anna Kendrick into a one-woman private eye hunting her missing friend.

    • Richie Merritt (White Boy Rick, right)

      ‘White Boy Rick’

      Scuzzy and surprisingly unsympathetic, this story of a 14-year-old recruited by authorities never quite makes the case for its subject.

    • American Horror Story Apocalypse

      ‘AHS: Apocalypse’

      In the absence of a greater theme announcing itself, “American Horror Story: Apocalypse,” counts as something close to escapism.

    • Maniac


      The imaginative psychological drama “Maniac” takes its place among the year’s best TV.

    • The First -- "The Choice" -

      ‘The First’

      Sean Penn’s astronaut undergoes family drama on Hulu’s new series, which falls victim to a certain lopsidedness.

    • 'Homecoming' Review: Julia Roberts Stars in


      Julia Roberts turns in a much more understated performance than one might expect of her first big TV role.

    • Moulin Rouge review

      ‘Moulin Rouge!’

      Baz Luhrmann’s iconic, trippy movie comes to the stage with its grandeur and craziness intact.

    • Head Over Heels

      ‘Head Over Heels’

      Graft some hits from the Go-Go’s songbook onto an Elizabethan prose poem and you get a lot of silly stuff.

    • Twelfth Night review

      ‘Twelfth Night’

      A musical take on the Bard offers the spirit of community, a lesson in gender identity and an infectious good time.

70th Emmy Awards


Music for Screens Summit - October 30

Coinciding with our popular quarterly feature, this one day summit will include interviews and panels with leading songwriters, producers, composers and music executives behind today's hit tv/film/theater soundtracks.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Linda Perry
    Producer & Label Owner
  • Kevin Weaver
    Atlantic Records
    Terence Blanchard
    Composer (BlacKkKlansman)

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